I don’t know how you made it to this masterpiece of a blog but I welcome you with open arms.  Seriously though it’s amazing that you’re even here reading this so thank you.  And now you are trapped reading this whole page.  And you have to cause we could be best friends and have so much in common and you wouldn’t even know if you didn’t read all these random facts about my life.

My name is Hope.  Like Faith, HOPE and Love (Hope is the best one of those).  Growing up was amazing because I literally thought I was famous.  Mostly every time we went to church the priest would say my name.  And everywhere I went, my name was plastered on a mug or a shirt.  Me when I was younger: *why you so obsessed with me*.  But I am so easy to shop for.  Find anything with my name on it and I love it.  My middle name is Alexandra.  So thus my blog came into existence.  But here’s the thing, I have no idea what I’m doing.  I have a lot of random thoughts and memories and I needed somewhere to store them.  I’m basically making an online book about my life.  And the movie is going to be epic (Spielberg message me for the details).

Photos and videos have always been a major part of my life. From a young age I would steal my dads camera and make my dogs be the models (and I still do that today fyi).  So here I’ll be sharing my travel destinations, videos, and everything that I love (and can’t stand).  I find that the most simple moments in life can bring people the most joy and I hope to bring that joy and love into this blog.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing this journey with me.  Your interest in this little life of mine is greatly appreciated.  And I’ll for sure thank you all when my movie comes out.


//I love to travel and meet new people (once I get past my awkwardness).  I show this picture above because it’s one of my absolute favorites.  I don’t know why but I love becoming best friends with old people.  Like a good half of my friends are like thirty years older than me.  Their lives are just so interesting and they show a whole other perspective.  Plus they all bake amazing cookies which is just an added bonus.  Anyway she had my heart when we traveled to Italy together.  She’s like 80 years old, travels by herself and was still able to keep up with us while walking 30 miles a day.  She will always remind me how good life is.

//Christmas is the best Holiday by far (I’m the person who plays Christmas music right after Halloween. I’m not even sorry).  I buy the Christmas sweaters, antlers, elf hats, a million Christmas lights, bake cookies, build gingerbread houses, dress my dogs up and watch a Christmas Story on repeat.

//Live by the 3 B’s: Bears. Beats. Battlestar Galactica. You’ll go far.

 //Cheesecake is a slice of heaven that you get to eat. so eat a lot of it.

//If you love Lord of the Rings, you’ve already made it into my favorite kinds of people group.  Congratulations.

//Scooby Doo made up 90% of my childhood but also ruined my childhood cause I had to cope with the fact that my dogs will never be able to talk to me.

//Monday’s are a sacred day.  They are to be reserved for The Bachelor and Bachelorettes.

//One time I got on my dads shoulders to see the Pope and it was the greatest thing ever.  He totally waved at me.  For sure made eye contact.  I’m already inviting him to my birthday this year.

//Dogs>Cats (this is not up for discussion)

//I am a sucker for love letters.  I love writing them and receiving them and reading them and collecting them and loving them.  I’m like the cheesiest human ever.  I don’t when it happened.  I blame Andrew.

//I cry at everything. Even commercials sometimes which are like 30 seconds long. I don’t understand it either.  Favorite commercial: Amazon with the dog dressed up as a lion so the new baby will love him.  Do you know what I’m talking about?? I MEAN COME ON!!!!!! *floats away on river of own tears*

//French Fries are probably one of the greatest food inventions of human kind.  I mean potatoes in general.  Mashed potatoes. Cheesy potatoes. Hash browns. Sliced potatoes.  Just all around a gift from God.

 //If I majored in The Office I would have a 4.0

//Videography is my love