I specialize in capturing the most precious memories that life has to offer us. The moments that make you who you are. The images that come and go so quickly from our mind. My passion is being able to film a story that you can hold on to for years to come. A way to share an experience. Time isn’t slowing down for anybody. So I’m here to help stop time even if just for a moment. Click through to learn more about me and my style to see if we would be a good fit.


// Weddings // Proposals // Birth Stories // Business & Social Media // Family Lifestyle // Other Special Moments //

When dealing with a more individually based service, like videography, pricing can vary with each project.  Estimating a price before I get to know you is very difficult,  so it would be best to message me first and foremost.  As we get to know one another more, I will be able to give your individual project the best available estimate.

For Wedding Inquiries

Basic Wedding Package: $1,500

The Short Novel Package: $2,400

Wedding Love Story Package: $3,200

If you think we would be a good fit together or you’re interested in learning more about what I can offer you, please feel free to reach me at the email below.