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July 12, 2017

As all great speeches begin…I will begin this one with a dictionary definition of a common word that you very well know the meaning of but you don’t know the official Merriam-Webster definition of.  I mean if Martin Luther King Jr. started off his speech with “the dictionary defines Dream as…..” instead of “I had a Dream” it may have taken his speech to a whole other level.  I mean there’s no other way to start off a meaningful deep speech.  There’s just not.

So here we go.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, hope is defined as:

verb \ˈhōp\

: to cherish a desire with anticipation : to want something to happen or be true, hopes for a promotion, hoping for the best, I hope so.

Now you guys know that I mean business and I have something super meaningful to write and talk about.  And that thing is me.  Not in a like oh my gosh guys the universe revolves around me kind of way even though sometimes I feel like it definitely does.  But in a way that this is my blog so I can talk about whatever I want.  And since this blog is called Hope Alexandra I thought it would be fitting to discuss the creator, editor, producer, wizard, secret pop singer, writer, videographer, dog lover, baby whisperer and all around really cool person. ME.  Hope.  Because I am coming to the next chapter of my life and the stress levels are going whack.  And my mind is going a million miles a minute over every possibility of how my life could turn out.  Most of my mind goes straight to the worst possible thing like getting sucked into a tornado or driving off a cliff.  But before we get too ahead of ourselves, we have to start from the beginning.

Part of me wishes I started this blog when I was ten years old cause my ten year old problems had to be 1000000x more interesting.  Good thing I’m still young and dumb and have a lot of time to talk about irrelevant problems that I’ll laugh about when I’m fifty drinking a margarita with my ten dogs and private helicopter.

Ahhhhhhh Growing up.  It’s pure terror.  Like crashing into an iceberg and sinking on a supposedly unsinkable ship.  But it happens.  And nothing can stop the water flowing into the engine room weighing the boat down until it sinks to the bottom of the ocean.  Don’t know why Titanic is being the perfect analogy for my life right now.  But it is.  And being so young and vulnerable, it can feel like the whole world is crashing in around you multiple times a week.  At least for me it does.

But to try and not make this a super depressing post…growing up can also be really cool.  No really hear me out.  Besides being able to drive to McDonald’s whenever the heck you want (which to me is the only perk), you get to find out who you are.  What you love.  What you hate.  Your favorite movies and books.  What your dreams are and who you truly aspire to be.  Like how I secretly love rap and hate country music.  Yet this growing up thing is not some clear cut path.  Nah, instead there’s Mount Everest mountains and Death Valley valleys.  Maybe even throw in an Amazon Jungle jungle with killer ants and poisonous frogs.  The path is anything but clear and straight.  So I wanted to discuss my path up until this point.  Where it’s led me.  What it has taught me.  And where the next turn is going to be.  Cause in my opinion…it’s going to be pretty epic.  Or it’ll crash and burn but either way it’s still going to be a part of who I am.  So let us hit rewind shall we…

Throughout my entire childhood all I wanted to be was a veterinarian.  I loved dogs.  So that was it.  I had my future set.  And then like most ten year old dreams, it hit me in the face like a wall of bricks.  Math and science were my enemy, the cost of school wasn’t even a part of my equation and all I wanted to do was play with puppies.  Not all the doctor stuff.  So just like that my whole future was a blank. I had no career to support my three kids and golden doodle and blanket addiction.  So many thoughts running through my little brain.  How was I going to support my imaginary family?!  Ohh the agony!!!

What’s a girl to do?  Basically obsess over boy bands, hide in my Nintendo games and eat my weight in ice cream is what I did.  So dramatic I know.  But the years passed me by.  And suddenly I was ending my high school career.  Still with no direction of what the heck I wanted to do.  The animal thing had always been such a big part of my life that I always just thought I would end up doing something in that field.  Even if it wasn’t being a vet.

So enters me into college with the major:  Animal Behavior.  And explaining to everyone I know what the heck that means even when I myself had no idea.  Good news is that that major didn’t last very long.  This is where gut talking becomes number ONE priority.  Your gut holds all the answers.  Like some Gandalf the White wisdom.  Which is exactly what I named my gut.  If something doesn’t feel right, you’ll know even if you don’t accept it right away.  So I met with a counselor and figured out another path for me.  I majored in Marketing and I’m about to graduate this December with a Bachelor’s Degree.  CRAZY.  I’m about to be a college graduate?????!!!!!!!  Which I can talk about in a whole other post so anyway…

Throughout that whole college gibberish, I was starting to find a whole other side of the internet.  Blogging.  This is why I believe planning can be stupid cause Life has its’ own mind.  Randomly scrolling through
Instagram one day led me to Amber Fillerup Clark.  I fell in love with her blog.  Which then of course led me to creating my own blog.  Which is so basic of me but whatever I loved doing it.  And it was a lot of work that I did all myself so you best believe I pat myself on the back for jumping into something like that.  Even though blogs are like 99% started by stay at home moms who blog about decor and tasty snacks to make for the dog.  But I just wanted to make this blog for myself.  Not anyone else.  It forces me to write down my thoughts once in awhile.  Especially my travels.  And if you think you’ll remember what your thoughts were on July 1st, 2017 twenty years from now, you’re fooling yourself.  Heck I can’t even remember what I did over the weekend when someone asks me on a Monday.

I’m not a regular kind of blog, I’m a cool blog.

So then blogging eventually led me to another other side of the internet.  Youtube.  Another monster that I wanted to conquer.  I followed people, became obsessed and wanted to try my own.  So I started with trying to make my own travel diaries.  Punta Cana 2016 was my first one.  Shot on a Go Pro.  The definition of complete and total amateur hour.  And now it’s still my most viewed video on my channel.  I honestly don’t know why haha.  People love Punta Cana??  But I loved every second of filming and putting that video together.  I put my sweat blood and tear into that thing.  Suddenly, everywhere I went the camera followed.  The first one came so naturally that I became addicted.  Fast.  Months of researching equipment and other videographers and I knew what I wanted.  My gut was speaking loud and clear.

Punta Cana



 New York City




Italy was where the game changed.  In my mind I had already been following a couple videographers who made a career out of film making.  Shooting weddings was the number one thing I searched next to travel.  If you know me you know I love a good wedding.  I’ve been planning mine since I was five years old.  Say Yes to the Dress is my jam.  My Pinterest board is pinned to the max.  And whenever I hear the whiff of someone getting engaged, I am so unbelievably happy like I’ve known the couple for ten years.  When in reality it’s like my mom’s third cousin twice removed sister-in-law.  But I’m still like SHOW ME THE RING.  HOW DID HE PROPOSE.  TELL ME YOUR WHOLE LOVE STORY.  So when I saw that filming weddings was something people could do, it was in the back of my mind as a career I could achieve once I got really good.  I guess God had a lot of faith in me cause five years down the road was apparently way too long.  The same year I uploaded my first You Tube video would be the same year that I got asked to film my very first wedding.

I remember it as clear as day.  I read the message and ran straight to the door.  My mom was the first person I ran into so I blurted out the news and ran down the stairs.  I ran outside and literally just started jumping up and down in my driveway thanking God for what he had given me.  Up until that point I was a lost little puppy.  Had no idea what the heck was going on half the time and would cry in my room about how scared I was of the future.  For the first time, I saw a road that I was actually walking on.  My gut was at peace.

From there, weddings came one after the other.  My mom was seriously so supportive and amazing she literally became my Kris Jenner.  My momager.  She would show everyone at work my videos and then just come home with another person who wanted their wedding filmed.

Cathy > Kris Jenner

So here I am today writing this all.  Telling you part of my journey.  Why?

Because I’m taking another jump.

I’m taking another chance on what I love to do.  Like I did with this blog.  Like I did with Youtube.  Like I did with buying a new camera.  Like I did with changing my major.  Cause what’s the point of life if you don’t jump once in while.  Okay not like jump off a cliff or something guys.  But take a chance.

There’s a whole lot of things that we’re not in control of but that doesn’t mean we can’t steer the wheel still and go towards something we truly want out of life.

Video means the world to me.  And I feel like I’ve found a passion I can go after.

So friends and family and dogs…Welcome to my next jump:

My own videography business.

Heck yea I’m starting my own business.  I’m literally the definition of a boss woman.  I’m grabbing the bull by the horns and going after what I want.  And what I know is part of my plan.

My heart has always loved creativity.  Sitting in an office for 9 hours a day never appealed to me as the only thing my life would be about.  I wanted to create something for people.  But yea know stick figures never make it that far in the industry…so I never thought I could be a part of that inspirational world.

But I found my own kind of art that I’m in love with.

I mean I literally was filming a wedding yesterday and I couldn’t stop smiling while I was filming fifty people jumping around to “SHOUT” so loud that it was shaking the floor.  Like how cool is it that this is where life has led me so far?

I love being able to capture moments that escape our memory over the years.  To be able to bring raw emotion out of people in what I created myself.  I’ve been able to cause reaction in people that I don’t even know.  I have been able to inspire them.  And I couldn’t of asked for a better gift.

This is the official launch of my new website:


Four years ago, never in a million billion million gazillion years, would I believe that I would be filming weddings and starting my own business now.  Already I’ve conquered so many of my fears and anxiety and done things I never thought possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have a TON of work left to do.  This isn’t a post about how I have it all figured out now and life is gonna be a breeze from now on.  Like the ending of a Princess Diaries or Lizzie McGuire movie.  Lol no.  I am far from having things figured out.  But my point is how far I’ve already come with that journey.  How I can see myself changing; taking more risks; more jumps into the unknown.  Because this is your only life.  So why the heck would you spend it doing anything else other than what you love with people that you love?

I have no idea where this life is going to lead me but I’m happy with where it’s lead me so far.

I’m open for adventure folks.

So sign me up.

Below is my first official wedding that I shot for the most amazing couple ever.  Domi was the first one to take a leap of faith with me.  It was such a joy to capture their special day.  I mean seriously I was just smiling the whole day.  Even though at the end of the day it felt like I got hit by a train.  But SO WORTH IT.  It was the kind of amazing tired.  There’s a difference.  When you’re exhausted from working for your dream life, it’s a good kind of tired.  Running around, getting shots, eating McDonald’s, road tripping, taking 90% of the desserts home at the end of the night, trying to dance and film at the same time;  It’s all so amazing.

It’s a cool life.  And one I’m going to chase after.


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  1. Charlie

    July 13, 2017

    You do awesome work! I can’t wait to see the video of my son’s wedding this Fall. I am glad I booked you before you became more famous.

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