Hello Mexico Travel Diary

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March 13, 2017


Break down of this Blog Post.  Very random.  But random is good.  I love random.

Okay top two videos:

1. Travel Diary: With all the pretty music and videography

2. Vlog: The first one with my amazing humor and my faces while I taste test tequila shots

Rest of the pictures down below..random pictures in my library that I felt like posting

  1. The cutest most adorable crab ever. I’ve never seen a crab before. Life changing moment.

2. Our first FOAM PARTY.  What’s included?

Lots of balloons, balloon hats, fruit filled with tropical drinks, lots of good dance moves and of course. Foam. Warning: Don’t eat or get the foam in your eyes. It doesn’t taste good.

3. Such a beautiful simple church that I found all by myself.  I was so proud of myself guys.  I asked the receptionist.  I looked up directions.  Andrew helped me find it but still so proud.  Gold star for Hope.  The service was all in Spanish so we could follow along but not really.  It was still so amazing that you can travel to another country and still know what’s happening through the church.  I love that.

4. THIS PILLOW.  I’ve never been so in love with a pillow before.  We passed by this adorable hand made shop in the market and everything was beautiful.  And expensive HAHA.  So sad though.  It cost 60 American dollars so I had to sadly part from it.  But if I would of brought one thing to bring back it would of been this pillow.  Man I’m thinking about it now and I really wish I would of gotten it.  You’ll always be in my heart.  And I will find you one day.

5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cute.

6. This was the mall right by our resort.  It’s funny how they put different spins on things.  I loved all the plants and vines.  Sometimes I wish I didn’t live in the Arctic so we could have stuff like this.

7. Goal: To have eyelashes as long as this unicorn.

I saw my opportunity to steal him and I went for it.  I’ve never moved faster in a pool.  I could of been an Olympic swimmer if there was a unicorn float at the end of the pool.  The resort owned this float and everyone was hogging it but I got my chance.  And Andrew wouldn’t even get on the unicorn with me.  I wanted to have my Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris moment in the pool but nope.  I got my single moment on the unicorn instead.  Still a good moment.

Mexico was amazing.  Thank you to everyone who made the trip possible.  The videos speak volumes enough to how much I loved this trip.  It really makes me fall in love with traveling.  I will be keeping my eye on plane ticket prices.  I dunno we’ll see what happens.  Right now I’m mentally preparing myself for summer as it is 12 degrees outside.

*High School Musical classroom* summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer.  I’ve definitely done this in another blog post. summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer.  Can’t wait for the bell to ring and spontaneously start signing and dancing.  Okay I’ve gotta stop talking about it or I’m gonna start crying about the snow right now.


April 19, 2017