Spring Time

April 19, 2017

The Office is such a life saver.  Especially when it comes to helping you get through your marketing class.  Yup.  I’m watching The Office and writing this during my marketing class.  Wow college Hope is a rebel.  High school Hope would not dare even touch her cell phone in class to see if her mom texted her.  But college Hope is a whole other level of not caring.  But instead of talking about myself in the third person during the last few weeks of the semester, I am going to talk about life lately.  I haven’t done a blog post in awhile because I haven’t really had a reason to.  When I started this blog I had no idea what I was doing (still don’t).  I would try to post as much as I could with different outfits and maybe a paragraph about what I’m wearing.  Not a lot of thought just trying to keep a consistent posting schedule going.  Because that’s all I read about making a successful blog.  Consistent consistent consistent CONSISTENT.  That’s all I heard.  It started haunting me like the Great Pumpkin in Charlie Brown.  Wow I miss halloween.  Sorry side thought anyway…I didn’t really enjoy it.  It became a chore and I didn’t even know why I as blogging.  Basically I wanted to get free clothes and be like Amber Fillerup.   But that wasn’t me.  Honestly I could care less what I was wearing two years ago even though it’s pretty humorous looking back on me trying to pose in a Barnes & Noble all young and awkward.  Photos are really a blessing and a curse sometimes.  But through major boredom and Instagram searching, I came across a wonderful soul.  Indy Blue.  Talk about someone who is living her life how she’s always wanted.  She gave me a flash of light at the end of the tunnel.  She gave me another perspective of how to do things.  When I started doing this and video, I was so self conscience of what I put out there.  I would study other successful people and try to copy exactly what they did.  If I had an original idea I would always second guess myself.  It basically sucked.  But Indy didn’t care.  I’ve never read a blog like hers.  It was about her life and her writing was like she was talking to you while eating ice-cream on the couch watching the Bachelor.  It was amazing.  She broke all the boundaries of the blogging world.  I always wanted to follow the rules of what bloggers or videographers are supposed to do but you know what I found out?  None of it matters.  They’re all nonsense.  Good for a quick read? Sure.  But it’s not the only way of doing things.  So through all this ramble..it’s just me trying to say I’m going to spend more time on my memories.  Putting more thought into what I write about, post about and create.  I don’t want to throw up a couple pictures of a bag and be like yea this is really cute.  Some people are AMAZING at that but not me.  I hated it.  Don’t get me wrong I love fashion and looking adorable and taking cute pictures which will all still be a part of this space of mine.  But I only want to post about moments that mean a lot to me.  Even random things that I want to remember.  And if I want to write about The Office heck I can do that too.  I am putting quality>quantity.  Once I made that decision: picture huge weight lifted off of my shoulders.  Now I’m actually excited to write about my life.  Wow guys be so excited cause I am stoked.

So what has life been like lately:

Harry Styles came out with a new song.  I laid on my floor with my dog, King, and we listened to it like ten times.  Me and Kristin had the privilege of attending one of the last concerts of One Direction.  I was screaming more than the thirteen year old next to me but whatever.  And even though Niall was always the one for me.  I’m pumped for all the future careers of these guys.  The song will make you feel things.

I had my first milkshake of the summer.  Technically not summer yet but I DON’T CARE.  I haven’t worn a puffy jacket in weeks and I’m drinking ice-cream so hop off it’s summer.  I am an all around Christmas girl but warm weather really hits my soul in the perfect way.  Already wearing shorts and sipping lemonade.  Already tanning outside on my roof with my dogs.  My dogs weren’t on the roof.  Calm down.  But the roof is prime location for direct sunlight.  My brain is slowly coming to a slow walk.  By the time final week comes around, my brain will be in full sleep mode.  But fortunately college report cards don’t come through the mail anymore.  But remember when that was a thing?  Like waiting for a love note even though the note might say that you failed!  But I’m trying to push through until I’m spending my time complaining how bored I am, hanging out with babies and making videos for everyones enjoyment while getting tan.  It’s gonna be lit.

My Grandpa also turned 90. 90? Yes 90.  My Grandma is 94 too so my Dad’s side of the family got the superman genes.  Still living in his own barber shop and loving life.  This is also my favorite picture of him of all time.  You cannot smile while looking at it.

What else is as cute as my Grandpa? This dog.

I watched the cutest dogs this past week.  I mean seriously.  Look at that face.  If your heart is not melting right now you don’t have a soul.  They are Cocker Spaniel something or other.  Whatever they are they are adorable.  GiGi and Gus Gus.  COULD THEY HAVE CUTER NAMES??????  They’re the perfect size and so fluffy and literally the sweetest dogs.  I mean look at that face.  We made pancakes together and watched That 70’s Show.  So obviously a very productive dog sitting time.  They’re like my favorite dogs to sit.  All they do is lick your face and cuddle on the couch with you.  If that’s not love I don’t know what is.

Ohhhhhh yea I also forgot my best friends birthday. HAHA like of 17 years best friend.  Anna Banana I had to document this so I will never do this again.  Ever.  Seriously if I ever do this again like send me to an isolated island in the middle of nowhere that’s guarded by Dementors.  Anna turned the big 2.0 and I promised to never ever ever ever ever ever forget her birthday again.  Ironically the same night I realized I forgot it I was watching the Full House episode where DJ forgets Kimmy’s birthday.  I feel ya DJ.  We’ve all been there girl hang in there.  Thankfully she forgave me and she loves me again (I think).  Thank goodness Anna can’t stay mad at me for more than two minutes(:


I saw Beauty in the Beast.  My all time favorite princess and disney movie ever.  I know basic but trust me when I was five years old I was way ahead of the trend.  Me and Belle were best friends way before the basic train came along.  When they announced the new release I was split with my feelings.  I try to have no expectations cause it ruins everything but I mean come on it’s a classic Disney movie how does one not get excited/daydream about it for months???  But it’s a happy ending because it was wonderful.  So wonderful.  And I’m not biased because Andrew loved it as well.  Sorry love but it’s too exciting not to share.  He even asked me to play the soundtrack in the car.  Blooowwwwnnnnn awayyy.  Literally.  He doesn’t know the words yet but we’ll get there.  Emma did an amazing job as usual.  She really was a good fit for the role.  Buying the first DVD copy.  Also Andrew’s pick for the next movie round was Power Rangers.  And if anyone had the lowest expectation of it it twas me.  But I found out that he’s a huge nerd when it comes to POWER RANGERS.  So we went and let me tell ya….it was actually fantastic.  It was hilarious.  For how corny 95% of power rangers used to be , they did a very good job with it.  And that was my critic as a ten year old.  But maybe this new set of rangers is something I can nerd over too.  Already planning our ranger team for halloween 2017.  Lmk if you want in.

And finally duh duh duh duh duhhh Easter!!!!!! I can’t believe it’s already come and gone.  We had beautiful weather and a nice break from life.  I got to spend time with family and ate tons of food in the process.  Plus Jesus died and rose again which is LIT (that one’s for you Kristin).  It really is one of my favorite times in the church.  And Easter is one of the times that I love my outfit.  This skirt was so fun and these heels made my legs look wow.  I didn’t wear the bunny ears to church but I should of.  God would of appreciated it.  I’ve been taking these bunny ear pictures for awhile so it’s turned into our little tradition.

Here’s the first one: It was with my other dog that I was training at the time but wow still so many regrets.  But it kind of looks like I transformed into a royal princess like Mia Thermopolis.  I mean a little bit.  Yea I’m probably not there yet.

And along with Easter now comes…


My Pop-Pop would come over with my Na-Na and teach us how to make the special Pierogi.  Cheese was my flavor of choice because that’s literally all I would eat when I was younger.  Mac & Cheese. Grilled Cheese. Cheese right out of the package.  I loved it all.  Of course my taste buds have expanded my pallet to cheesy potatoes.  And french fries always.  So anyway when he passed away, some close friends of ours decided to carry on the tradition.  We took a Saturday morning, listened to some Frank Sinatra and created some food that Ed Sak loved to cook.  We made cheese, sauerkraut and the specialty Philly cheese steak.  It was such a wonderful time.  Cooking with people that you love is one of my favorite things to do.  Something about cooking brings people together.  Plus you get to eat food during the process which makes it all the better.  It was such a loving way to remember Ed too.  I just started filming because it’s been one of my missions to take more videos of my everyday life. And then I was like why not put together a little video.  So I did which you can watch above!  I am my own camera crew until the TV show comes out.

So that’s what’s been up to in my little ole life.  Finishing up the school year, working on some projects and drinking ice-cream through it all.  Just a 20 year old living the dream.  Alright this was fun.  Excited to keep this journaling thing going.  Also listen to Harry Styles new song. Do it.



May 14, 2017