Summer Loving

August 25, 2017

Sadly, another summer has come and go.  Where we look back on the past three months and evaluate how we spent our time.  Binge watching The Office for 8 hours wrapped in our favorite blanket trying to find that pop corn that fell down our shirt two hours ago.  Or…trying to live out our summer bucket list that looks like a Pinterest board.  Majority would say theirs was 50/50 split between the two.  Even though we all know your summer was 100% The Office binge watching one.

I admit it.  Mine is usually The Office one.  We’re all in this together.

I also may or may not of watched all the High School Musicals and Camp Rock.  I’m a sucker for a good Disney channel classic.

In reality my summer was actually pretty cool.  I mean it wasn’t cliff diving in Greece.  But it also wasn’t me being bored out of my mind 24/7.  So “cool” would be the right choice of words…right?

So this is my summer summed up:

Working part-time in a photo studio.  My job?  Making the models smile and laugh.  Oh yea and the models are 3-8 month old babies (most of the time).  Can be so cute and so loud at the same time.

I GOT MY FIRST GROWN UP INTERNSHIP.  Like an 8-5 job.  On the clock.  With my own desk and phone and email and chair.  Went on my lunch breaks at Panera.  I felt so official.  And I was super grateful for the opportunity to see what an actual job consists of.  The most heart breaking part of it all?  It was nothing like The Office.  I mean they looked the same but I didn’t befriend a Dwight Schrute.  Even though I for sure worked across from a Jim Halpert.  And now my resume is going to look super legit.  With my college career coming to an end, it was nice to have insight into that part of life.  Even if an 8-5 job doesn’t peak my interest right now, at least I got the chance to rock that marketing departments world.

I had the pleasure of filming weddings.  My one true love.  I’m meeting with clients, shooting footage, editing, trying not to start a dance off at receptions and enjoying so much free food/cupcakes.  I feel so blessed.  I mean I’m dealing with a handful of people right now but I appreciate every single one of them.  A lot more videos are coming out soon so be aware!  I loved every second of it.  I’m open for booking so come check me out!

I got the chance to spend some quality time with my favorite baby in the family.  The babysitting gig came back from the 9th grade.  She’s the only one I would ever baby sit for now.  She’s so adorable and just smiles all the time.  I got to see her crawl and even take her first steps.  Which made my heart burst open.  But it was so nice to take some time to spend with family that I don’t always get to see.  I think we watched every kids movie on Netflix.  “Trolls” is a good one.  She fed 70% of her food to the dog, fell asleep in my arms like nobodies business and could crawl to the other side of the house in 0.2 seconds.  She also got so excited when I would roll any ball to her that she would do this jumping thing when she was sitting down, loose her balance and then fall flat on her face.  That’s how excited she would get.  Which led to screaming but a big hug from me and she was chill 2 seconds later.  It’s weird that she’s gonna grow up one day and I’m going to be that annoying old person who’s like OMG AMEILA I REMEMBERED WHEN I HAD TO USE TEN WIPES TO CLEAN UP YOUR POOP EXPLOSIONS!! Probably in front of her new boyfriend too.  I’ve accepted it.

We didn’t get to do everything that I would of liked to, so we tried to squeeze in a drive-in movie last minute.  I love drive-ins.  We settled on a movie combo that was playing an hour away.  It was already late at night (why do drive-ins start so late??) so we weren’t totally all into the idea but we were on our way.  And this place was in the legit middle of nowhere.  Stone gravel roads, no streetlights, farm after farm (or creepy abandoned house).  On top of already being sketched out, Andrew almost hit a fox.  A FOX YOU GUYS.  They’re my favorite and it just came out of nowhere; b a m.  The shock on my face was pure heart break.  Weirder enough though, we turned around and the fox was no where to be found.  So I’m hoping it’s okay living in a mansion den with a hot fox and some cute kids.  Anyway,  we finally get to the drive-in.  We only wanted to see the second feature so we were hoping to arrive at intermission.  Welp we drove in, no one was in the ticket booth, so we just continue driving so confused.  We find our screen where the movie already started????  And since we didn’t buy tickets we had no idea what radio station to turn to.  We open the trunk, set up the blankets and try to listen to other cars radio signal.  I’m so confused cause what the heck is happening in this movie that started early and why hasn’t the car lights gone off yet……Oh great they don’t shut off cause the trunk is open.  Now we have a bunch of bugs in the car.  So we shut all the doors, open the windows and try to take a nap cause we were already tired anyway.  *Can’t sleep*. *Starts watching movie on screen across the way that I have no way of hearing but somehow understand what’s happening*.  Then we go home.  It was horrible.  But that was the first movie I ever snuck into without paying so making memories!!!!!!!!

The rest of the summer was filled with camp fires, taking the dogs on walks, late night movies, The Bachelorette, camping, 4th of July, The fair, church picnic, ice-cream dates, baseball games, Netflix, milkshakes from Hertle Ave., yearly trip to the zoo, concerts, rope climbs, music festivals, books, obsessing over my friends new dog, (attempting) playing softball and spending it with people I love.

Summer, you were busier then I ever would of thought.  You went by too fast.  But once again you gave me memories in the sunshine that I am severely deprived of.

*sheds one tear*




November 23, 2017