Wild Flowers & Harry Styles

May 30, 2017

Everyone needs a cute photo shoot in the middle of a field of flowers.  We all need some more Anne of Green Gables vibes.  Little House on The Prairie vibes.  Summer is here ladies and gentlemen.  And my stress levels have never been lower.  I’ve been smiling so much lately it’s been weird to get used to.

I’m working a part-time job and I got my FIRST INTERNSHIP!

So much adult things are happening in my life.  Like hold up.  I still sleep with my stuffed bear.  I still watch disney channel movies on my Friday nights.  I still order chicken fingers off the kids menu.  I am a twelve year old about to walk into the world of coffee breaks, meetings and pencil skirts.  Pray for me.

I’ve also been venturing into my more creative side of my brain.  But more of that later….. (:

And even though I said I’m documenting my memories more thoroughly now,  I also said cute outfits and poses would still be apart of this blog.

And I didn’t disappoint.

Flowers make me so so so so so so so happy.  Especially a field of wild flowers.  There’s these beautiful pictures all over the world of flower fields and farms and I dream of visiting them all.  I’m gonna run through every single one.  Maybe fall a couple of times (a lot) but you have to run through them.  No choice.

Also a bunch of new songs have come out so we have to talk about them.  It’s like all the artists got together and planned a way to bombard the world with beautiful music in the matter of a few weeks.  So many emotions all at once.  First I would like to say that I am in love with this new Miley music.  Malibu.  It speaks to the soul.  She just looks sooooooo dang happy it’s contagious which makes me even more happy that she’s finding her groove again.  Then comes all the One Direction boys coming out with their own music.  ITS TOO OVERWHELMING.  They’re all so amazing and their voices are so amazing and their faces are so amazing.  But Niall and Harry.  Mmmmmmmmmmm you two know how to make a girl go all boy band crazy.

Favorite Songs from Harry: Women // Hallway // Caroline

I can’t even pick one cause I love them all so much but I listen to those on repeat.

Then Niall with his Slow Hands.  I CANT KEEP UP EMOTIONALLY.

Sometimes you need posts like this.  With pictures full of flowers, your favorite hat ever and just talking about how in love you are with a boy band that you wish you could sister wife but you know it’s wrong.  But you still wish.  These are the posts that my daughter and son and future dogs will love to read while I reminisce on cute boys with English Accents.  I’ll be 50 years old and still jamming to all these songs annoying the heck out of my kids.  Just wait.

So Happy Summer!! Go jump off a waterfall and plan a road trip and listen to songs on repeat while you hang your head out of the window like a dog.  Just go enjoy the sun shine [even if your stuck weeding all the plants in your front yard(((((:::::]

These are my thoughts for today on May 30th.  About to enter into June.  Joyfulness.

Happy warm days surrounded by wild flowers and Harry Styles.

I feel like that totally rhymes even if it doesn’t still sounds cool.

Hope you enjoyed this random happy girl post.

Also go see Guardians of the Galaxy.  That’s my latest movie update.  Your welcome.


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